Louis Vuitton

Among the names of fashion giants, Louis Vuitton stands tall as perhaps the most widely recognized international symbol of fashion and one of the oldest manufacturers of designer luxury goods today. Now known as part of the LVMH conglomeration (Louis Vuitton, Moët et Chandon, and Hennessey), Louis Vuitton originated in 1837 as a creator of designer canvas-covered trunks and continues to prize quality in its materials and construction. 

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More about Louis Vuitton

The designer boasts an international presence through its stores located in fifty countries and espaces in five cities designed to create an intimate relationship with clients through patronage of architecture and art. LV haute couture and luxury products are meticulously crafted using leather and fabric printed with its signature LV logo and motif, established by the brand at the turn of the last century. Each article sporting the famous pattern is carefully designed to reflect the reputation for prestige and elegance associated with Louis Vuitton, and vintage goods are precious finds for collectors as each one represents a part of the company's rich heritage. Thanks to its long history of excellence in the creation of designer goods, a Louis Vuitton piece is instantly recognized as a status symbol and LV products are in constant demand. Year after year, the collections of jewelry, haute couture, bags, accessories, and countless other unique designer creations produced by Louis Vuitton entice and excite clients from around the world with their trend-setting power and instant clout.