There are many types of sneakers out there, which means that it’s possible to find a pair of the comfortable shoes for any occasion. A classic tennis shoe from perhaps Dior, Celine or Adidas is good for low-key and understated occasions and a pair of chunky trainers from Balenciaga or Louis Vuitton are great for turning heads.

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As previously mentioned, there’s a pair of sneakers for everyone out there, If you want to go the classic route, you can never miss with a white tennis shoe from Balmain, Dior or Golden Goose. If you on the other hand want to make a statement with your sneakers, why not grab a pair with sequins from Jimmy Choo or a pair of colorful chunky trainers from Chanel or Balenciaga?

No matter what, we’re sure you can find something in this selection of secondhand designer sneakers from our community of sellers from all over the world.