Classic but never boring: Meet KLASSIK


On their website they describe themselves as much more than a furniture store. They also describe themselves as a passionate house full of knowledge, history and architecturally designed vintage classics within furniture, lighting and a broad collection of art.

Niklas Søgaard – Head of Communications – says, “We are more than just a furniture store. Deep down, we’re nerds who’ve specialized in furniture, lamps and crafts from the Danish design golden age – also known as the ‘Danish Modern’ era”. The people of KLASSIK have extensive knowledge of Danish design furniture from the 1920s to the 1980s. They also know how to care for and restore them using the original materials and techniques as they also do this in their own workshop.

You’ll find the KLASSIK flagship store on Bredgade in Copenhagen, a street known for housing everything relating to art and craftsmanship. Even though KLASSIK has gone through multiple locations, their flagship has been in this iconic corner spot for more than 20 years. Niklas Søgaard points out that “many of the original furniture manufacturers from the 1950s and 60s had their showrooms in Bredgade which is why the street has always been known as the place to go for high-quality furniture. In that sense, we feel at home in Bredgade”.

Photo: The Vintage Bar

At TVB we’ve collaborated with KLASSIK for multiple fashion weeks now. We usually do a style lounge where important faces from the fashion industry can come and borrow great secondhand pieces to wear for the duration of fashion month. In order to do so, we need to be able to present the pieces in an inviting way – this is where KLASSIK comes in. KLASSIK has very kindly lend us original vintage furniture for this very purpose and we’re happy to shine a light on a business that’s as interested and passionate about restoration, preservation and resale as we are.

A renaissance of classical craftsmanship

Niklas Søgaard says that the origin – and success – of KLASSIK is a bit of a mystery. “Well crafted Danish furniture from the 20th century wasn’t really that popular in the late 1980s and early 90s – a lot of people actually threw it out, because it wasn’t trendy and you don’t necessarily expect a comeback”. KLASSIK however saw the potential in the pieces and made it their mission to communicate the value of them: They’re high quality and have an amazing story to tell. Niklas Søgaard points out that of course KLASSIK can’t take credit for the renaissance of furniture from the ‘Danish Modern’ era, but they’re happy to be a part of it today.


Photos: The Vintage Bar

When it comes to sourcing, KLASSIK has decided to stay true to their own vision and look for the pieces they find interesting and feel like have a story to tell. The pieces therefor might not be exactly what the consumers are looking for, but to KLASSIK it’s not always about the pieces having a known architect behind it or being made by a renowned manufacturer. 

We’re quite personal in our sourcing and will happily buy furniture, ceramics and art by unknown architects and artists, if we think the item has something interesting to say.

Niklas Søgaard, Head of Communications at KLASSIK

KLASSIK will however also source items that will forever be coveted, so you can be sure to always find couches from Børge Mogensen, chairs from Arne Jacobsen and recliners from Hans J. Wegner.

As previously mentioned, KLASSIK isn’t just a furniture store. When you leave the store, the staff at KLASSIK wants you to feel happy, satisfied and enlightened. He tells us that a lot of visitors come into the store in search of inspiration for their own homes as well as a have a chat and view unique furniture they might otherwise only see in magazines or museums. “We’re proud of the fact that they choose our store for inspiration and guidance for their choice of furniture. It says something about their trust in us”, Niklas Søgaard finishes off.

Photo: The Vintage Bar

Sustainability and KLASSIK

KLASSIK has experienced an increase in the demand for Danish designer pieces and Niklas says that “of course design and quality speaks to that, but I also think that climate awareness is starting to play a bigger part for consumers when they buy furniture for their homes”. The production of furniture is a big sinner when it comes to climate, and Niklas Søgaard asks the important question of “is there more climate-friendly furniture than furniture that has a timeless design, is of high quality and is secondhand?”.

When shopping secondhand – furniture or anything else – Niklas Søgaard points out that of course the most important thing is to look for the things you like. “Some people like patina, and some people don’t like it – figure out what you like and how it fits with your other furniture”, so don’t buy something just because it’s on trend right now. At KLASSIK, they’re quite excited about good patina as it tells a story about the furniture, its quality and lastly its age which symbolizes sustainability.

Besides just the look of a piece, you should also focus on the condition. “You should make sure that the overall quality is good – or that it can be made good again”, says Niklas Søgaard and continues, “I would also suggest that you stick to things that remain true to their older self and haven’t been modified a whole lot – this could be unnecessary renovations or badly changed upholstery. These things should be in order so that the pieces have a longer life”.

Photo: The Vintage Bar

At lot has happened with KLASSIK since its origin in 1991. “The biggest change has to be that we’ve relaunched several classics by architects like Poul Volther, Kurt Østervig and the design duo Aksel Bender Madsen and Ejner Larsen”, says Niklas Søgaard, and tells us that they also acquired the iconic Copenhagen store, Casa Shop, in 2020. Casa Shop has been a pioneer in international furniture design – by both well known and unknown designers – since the 1980s.

Today, you can shop both new and vintage furniture at Casa Shop as KLASSIK has added items from their own assortment into the mix. On that, Niklas Søgaard says, “We’re delighted to be able to offer our customers a store where they can find both new and vintage items for the home – big and small!”.

Written by Alberte Gram
Alberte Gram is a fashion writer based in London.
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