Gift ideas: Mother’s Day

Think handbags, jewelry, small leather goods and more! No matter what your mom’s style is, we’re sure you can find some inspiration for her gift below.

The essentials 

These gifts are all relatively pricey but they’re also something every woman needs! We’re starting off with a new jacket. It’s finally spring time and as we mentioned in our article Going from winter to spring it’s time for some thinner layers. This could be the perfect present – it’s functional and it might save your mom some time as she won’t have to venture out into the stores to look for one herself. Leather bomber jackets are very on trend right now, but if your mom is a bit more conservative than that you can never go wrong with a classic trench coat. 

Another very practical gift idea is a new pair of shoes. The reasoning is the same as with a new jacket – she needs it for the new season! Loafers and sneakers are optimal for the change into spring, but maybe you want to treat her with something different. If she loves going out a pair of heels might be just the thing and if she’s already booked her summer vacation a pair of sandals would be a nice attentive gift.

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If your mom is a working woman, a nice tote or larger bag for work is a great gift. Perhaps you think she needs an upgrade, perhaps it would be nice for her to have another bag to change between. No matter the reason, our selection of work appropriate bags has anything from the Canapa tote from Prada to the Sac Plat from Louis Vuitton. All durable and ready to be brought into the office. 

Just like a new bag for work, your mom might be dreaming of a new designer wallet – or perhaps she doesn’t realize she could need an upgrade. No matter if your mom likes the classic bifold or prefers a smaller cardholder or coin purse, you’ll be sure to find it in our selection of secondhand goods. We also have zip around wallets perfect for wearing as a clutch – multipurpose.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas


The extras 

The following gift ideas are not as practical as the above but they’re sure to impress any mother who appreciates the finer things in life. 

You can never go wrong with jewelry. Whether it’s a dainty little necklace or a pair of statement earrings, any woman who loves jewelry will love this thoughtful present.  

If you want to gift your mom something that really tells you, you know her style, you can even opt for a nice scarf. She can wear it in her hair, around her neck, as a bracelet, as a belt or around the handle of her favorite bag. The options are endless and we’re sure she'll appreciate a gift she can play around with as she pleases.


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If your mom is a woman with a lot of jewelry or small trinkets she likes to keep clean and safe, a perfect present might just be a jewelry case. You can opt for a hard case for her vanity or a soft one that she can also bring on vacations. The choice is yours.

Last but not least – and we could never make a gift guide without mentioning our favorite accessory – sunglasses. They make any outfit look that much more put together and they work no matter the season. This is a great gift if you know your mom’s style very well and also if you don’t – you can always opt for a very simple pair. 

No matter what you come up with this Mother’s Day, we’re sure you mom will love the thought and effort you’ve put into her gift. We definitely appreciate you shopping secondhand!

Written by Alberte Gram
Alberte Gram is a fashion writer based in London.
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