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We’ve gathered some of the best Christmas looks from film and TV in order to provide you with a bit of inspiration for this year's Christmas parties! Some are for the girls going all out and some are for the girls who are choosing more low key looks this season – we’ve got dresses, skirts, blazers, sparkling jewelry, high heels, low heels and everything in between. 

Have a look and merry Christmas! 

Love Actually 

Let’s start out with an absolute classic and fan favorite when it comes to Christmas films – Love Actually.

The character Billy Mack – played by icon Bill Nighy – is a has-been superstar wanting to do a comeback with his take on the classic “Love is all around us” fittingly called “Christmas is all around us”. Billy Mack might be a has-been superstar, but his style is still on point. He does holiday dressing with a side of rock & roll and isn’t afraid to match the otherwise traditionally christmassy purple shirt with snake print trousers and a white leather jacket! If you want to do Christmas with a twist this year, you can take an extra look at Billy Mack and you might get the final push you need to step out of your comfort zone.

The Christmas party edit


Another look from Love Actually that’s worth mentioning is John and his ‘ugly’ sweater. It’s bulky, has shades of blue, red and white and it’s perfect inspiration for a lowkey Christmas party with close friends or family. If this is the vibe you’re going for this Christmas, another sweater worth having a look at is Mr. Darcy’s from Bridget Jones. Unlike John’s it’s not bulky or made in Christmas colors, it’s instead a fitted black turtleneck, but it does indeed scream Christmas when you see the massive reindeer face on the front. 

American Psycho 

We know, we know – watching American Psycho for Christmas party inspiration? Unlikely. But! In the film, Patrick Bateman – played by Christian Bale – goes to a Christmas party hosted by his fiancé Evelyn – played by Reese Witherspoon – and this scene is filled with inspiration, if you’re going to an extravagant party this year! The men are in suits and the women in beautiful looks. We’re talking strapless dresses, diamond necklaces and opera gloves as well as sparkly dresses, large earrings and hair bows. The color scheme includes red, black and green and is traditionally very Christmas-like. 

The movie itself might not get you into the Christmad spirit, but we won’t tell anyone if you skip it and just youtube this one scene in question ;)

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Gossip Girl

Just like American Psycho, Gossip Girl isn’t an inherently Christmassy TV show, the fashion has however always been top notch! The episode “A Roman Holiday” is centered around Christmas, Blair Waldorf – played by Leighton Meester – and her family. They’re all going ice skating, so Blair is wearing a practical and warm yet fashionable look for this outing. 

Blair Waldorf’s known for her very feminine style and her use of accessories, and this look is no different. She’s opted to completely forgo red and green and is instead wearing a look of cream, brown and dusty pink. She’s gone quite the untraditional way with white tights (bold choice), a nice turtleneck, a mini skirt and a matching little jacket. The look is topped off with a white hat that matches the tights as well as a handbag. All in all, this look is great inspiration for someone going to a relaxed get together but who still wants to show a bit of personality and not just show up in a Christmas jumper.

How the Grinch stole Christmas

Now, this is a Christmas film through and through! When it comes to a character who isn’t afraid to go all out, Martha May Whovier – played by Christine Baranski – from How the Grinch stole Christmas is #1. She loves large necklaces, massive earrings and puffy dresses and her main color palette consists of green and red. She also has a magnificent blue robe with an extravagant fur collar. 

If you’ve received an invite to a Christmas party with no dress code besides “Christmas”, we suggest you take a look at Martha May Whovier – she’s Christmas personified!


The Holiday

Amanda Woods – played by Cameron Diaz – from The Holiday has any understated girls dream wardrobe. She has an affection for black, white, cream and brown and her outfits are the perfect combination between “oh I just threw this on” and perfectly put together.

If you’re keeping it chill this Christmas and are actually more into winter than Christmas, Amanda Woods is a good place to find inspiration. She’s elegant and well dressed even though her color scheme is relatively plain, because her silhouettes are interesting and she spices everything up with great accessories – hats, scarves, gloves and wonderful fur details! She’s perfectly dressed for winter without playing into the stereotypes associated with Christmas.

These were some of our favorite looks from Christmas films and shows (+ American Psycho) that’ll hopefully provide you with some inspiration for the Christmas parties you’re going to this year, no matter if they’re fancy and require a dress and heels or they’re at home and feature a glass of mulled wine and an ‘ugly sweater contest’.

Written by Alberte Gram
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